Yearly FYTs

Currently, per the site and documentation, it seems that APWine users will be able to lock up FYTs (Future Yield Tokens generated on the APWine platform) on a weekly or monthly basis and receive future yields. However, it might make sense to offer a yearly option.

  1. Bigger payouts to users. Yields don’t fluctuate that much in 1 week or 1 month, but very much in 1 year. So, for users, a whole year up-front for a high yield has alot of incentive behind it to participate with the platform.
  2. Set and forget. If I am long $ETH and $UNI, I generate the LP tokens for that pair and earn fees from Uniswap. Many people don’t want the temptation to sell their tokens for 1 year so they can HODL. This would be a great way to do that, and help people avoid panic selling during dips. A great value prop.

I meant lock up underlying yield tokens and recieve FYTs.