Visor Smart Vaults Integration

I recently came across this tweet:

In this tweet, a Uniswap liquidity provider shares how they generated $4k in fees with $350k in capital in a few hours. Most of the comments touch on trying to understsnd how this is done while mitigating the risk of impermanent loss… a major concern for LPs.
Visor is one of the leading groups focusing on addressing and automating efficient LPing on Uniswap v3. Additionally, on ETH L1, this is not only good due to automation through Visor but due to pooled gas fees which make it much cheaper as thousands of LPs can pay for one transaction instead of thousands of individual transactions. Let’s not even imagine how awesome this will be once Uniswap, Visor and APWine are on Arbitrum as well.
These smart vaults across various assets will have quite the yield and many LPs, including myself, would be very interested in further mitigating risk by selling our smart vault yield in advance via APWine on weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. The buyers of this yield would be Visor developers and believers to maximize their capital because they are willing to take on the risk of visor working well enough to beat expectations on yield projections.
I am proposing a partnership with the Visor team, and potential integrations on both sides between both platforms and a mutually beneficial relationship in adoption and user growth.
Further, potentially, we could create incentives for Youtubers and bloggers who can share the benefits of these two platforms in harmony with one another to gain more massive and faster user adoption.
Further, we could create incentives for 3rd party developers and companies to build out simple solutions for non-DeFiers (moms and pops) who would love this kind of yield but do not feel comfortable using MetaMask etc., further raising the adoption of both platforms by penetrating the broader retail sector that are getting more comfortable with the idea of decentralized finance and the mechanisms that drive growth behind it.