[SGR] KweETH Gauge Listing Request

Gauge Request Presentation:

  • Targeted Pair: KweETH/PT-KweETH(0x4d4140c05dfa65e3e38a7bf1bda6e5b68fbe2b80)
  • IBT contract address: 0x2DABcea55a12d73191AeCe59F508b191Fb68AdaC
  • Current TVL in the Pair’s liquidity: 11m$
  • Current TVL as IBT: 94m$
  • Twitter/Discord links: x.com
    chain : Ethereum

Simple summary:

Karak is the universal restaking layer that makes it easy to provide cryptoeconomic security with any asset, and unlocks a new design space for developers to seamlessly and securely create innovative infrastructure designs.

Karak enables protocols to tap into robust and secure trust networks from day one, significantly lowering the barrier to securing new protocols and eliminating the need for protocols to incentivize their own validator sets with a highly dilutive reward mechanism, making the process of bootstrapping security more scalable, accessible, and affordable.

This proposal aims to add a Gauge for the KweETH/PT-KweETH Spectra Pair
The pool for the pair has been live since May 27th 2024 .

We’d like to add this pool to Spectra’s gauge system to incentivise liquidity of PT-kweeth, as it would enable an efficient market on the first LRT project being deployed on Spectra

Benefit of this integration for Karak protocol

  • Additional yield opportunities for the community
  • Increase the visibility of the project
  • Increase the TVL of the liquidity pool
  • First Karak pool integrated in a yield tokenization protocol

Benefit of this integration for Spectra

  • Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
  • Diversify the yield possibilities
  • Increase Spectra’s visibility
  • bribes for APW token holders


TVL: $1Bn

Community poll:

  • Yes, add KweETH/PT-KweETH pool to Spectra’s gauge system
  • No, do not add KweETH/PT-KweETH to Spectra’s gauge system
  • Yes
  • No
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