[SGR] gDAI Gauge Listing Request

Targeted Pair: gDAI-LP

IBT Contract Address:

PT Contract Address:

Current TVL in the Pair’s Liquidity: $2,461

Current TVL as IBT: $10,090,352

Twitter/Discord Links:

Simple Summary:

Gains Network is developing gTrade, a decentralized leveraged trading platform with high liquidity efficiency. The platform uses synthetic architecture to achieve capital efficiency, low trading fees, and high leverage on various trading pairs. The gDAI vault, part of the gToken vaults on Gains Network, supports trading liquidity by serving as a counterparty to all trades using DAI as collateral. Earning fees to incentivize stakers.

This proposal aims to add a gauge for the gDAI-LP pair to Spectra’s gauge system to incentivize liquidity of the PT. The pool for the gDAI-LP pair has been live since June 7, 2024.

Benefit of this Integration for Gains Network:

  1. Additional yield opportunities for the community.
  2. Offering more stability for the gDAI token with flexibility.
  3. Increase the TVL of the liquidity pool

Benefit of this Integration for Spectra:

  1. Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
  2. Diversify the yield possibilities
  3. Increase Spectra’s visibility


  • TVL of Gains Network: $18.47 million deployed on Arbitrum and Polygon (POS)
  • TVL of the gDAI vault: $10,090,352
  • Community Size:
    • Twitter: 60.3k followers
    • Discord: 10,365 members

Community Poll:

  • Yes, add gDAI-LP pool to Spectra’s gauge system
  • No, do not add gDAI-LP to Spectra’s gauge system
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I don’t see gDAI pool on Spectra as of now so we can’t vote for it.

The gDAI pool is indeed on the Arbitrum network for Spectra. You can verify this by checking the Arbiscan link for the factory address from the deployed contracts listed in the developer documentation. It shows that the only pool created on the Spectra Arbitrum network is gDAI, and the gDAI contract address matches the one provided in the SGR.

You can view the details here: Arbiscan Link & Spectra Dev Docs

Also shown here, the gDAI pool shows up on the frontend too.

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My bad didn’t even saw that Spectra was on Arbitrum, UI isn’t pushing in that direction at all.

You have my support for this listing request.

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