[SGR] Create amphrETH gauge

Gauge Request Presentation:

  • Targeted Pair: amphrETH-LP
  • Pool contract address: 0x1c379572160a80975fa1dad8e491ff485611c8f6
  • IBT contract address: 0x5fD13359Ba15A84B76f7F87568309040176167cd
  • Spectra Wrapped IBT : 0x06c03069de266F58d10A0724a4f65C3D4feFfF4D
  • Current TVL on in the Pair’s liquidity: $187k
  • Current TVL as IBT: $145M
  • Twitter link: Mellow, Amphor
  • Chain : Ethereum mainnet.

Simple summary:

Mellow LRT is a liquid restaking primitive that enables the permissionless creation of modular LRTs.
The Amphor Restaked ETH vault, curated by MEV Capital, is an LRT vault built on top of the Symbiotic Network, which allows users to earn yield on their deposited wstETH, as well as Mellow and Symbiotic points.

This proposal aims to add a gauge for the amphrETH Spectra pool.

Given amphrETH’s high TVL, we believe that the gauge creation could incentivize deposits and thus augment Spectra’s TVL.

Benefit of this integration for Mellow protocol and Amphor

Additional yield opportunities for the community
Increased visibility of Mellow

Benefit of this integration for Spectra

Increased tokenized TVL and AMM TVL
Increased visibility
bribes for APW token holders


The amphrETH vault currently has a TVL of $145,000,000.
Mellow Protocol has 24.6k followers on X, Amphor has 58.5k followers on X.
The strategy’s estimated APR is 3.1%

Community poll:

Yes, create a gauge for the amphrETH pool

No, do not create a gauge for the amphrETH pool

  • Yes
  • No
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