Join Like-Pools using CRV 3Pool model

Hello Everyone! Tenzent here from the ParaSwap/Bancor/UMA DAO. Looking forward to contribute more and more here aswell.

Just had a quick thought that could be useful to improving the capital efficiency of the APWine AMM so that liquidity isn’t as spread out between pairs.

The thought is simple, rather than the PT/TKN pools being individual for each offering why not merge them. At the moment it could be applied to PSP and Stablecoin Pools.

PSP3 & PSP4 Pools could be merged to create a single PSP/PSP3PT/PSP4PT Pool. This is already technically possible since one can swing PSP3PT to PSP and then PSP to PSP4PT, We could either change the routing to allow these type of trades but combining the pools in a 3Pool manner will further optimize the AMM and greatly reduce slippage, allowing higher volume trades.

The same can be done for the USDT/USDC Pools aswell as all future stable-coin pools. we could create our own 3pool made up of USDT/USDC/DAI as those are the most liquid stable coins and then have all lower cap alts create paired pools with our APW3Pool.


How would one go about deploying these pools? Would they be done by the APW team, or by individuals?

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They would be built by the team, these pools are no different than our current pt/tkn pools since they are curve forks. I don’t think it would require very much dev work. we could also just artificially connect the routers together in the UI thorugh PT1 > TKN > PT2 Trades.


Hey Tenznet :wave:
That’s a great idea!
Concerning the doability of such pools, I need to check with the rest of the team if that’s technically doable


Hey Tenzent, welcome here! Thank you for your post. That was actually the initial idea, but the pools have special behaviours (due to the nature of the assets, that are increasing in value with the generated yield, reducing the discount priced by the same) that wouldn’t be applicable with that design. That being said, the capital efficiency of our AMM is a core focus and we look forward to share the new designs and functionalities we are working on