Discussion about various bounty issues


The goal of this discussion is to answer various issues that are related to bounties.


In order to be fair to everyone, the committee needs to establish some rules to work with the contributors. That’s why this discussion is open to everyone.


Bounties are for the moment not defined enough. The committee does not have enough data to choose if several people want to participate in the bounty, how much to pay, etc.

Here are a few questions to begin the discussion:

  • How much should contributors be paid? (in USD value ? or a fixed amount of $APW ?)

  • How to determine the number of effective working hours? (google form to fill or indicated by each candidate in the bounty application?)

  • How to choose the contributors (in case several would like to participate ? The most experienced ? the most active contributor ? Already defined: either on a forum topic in bounty idea or on Dework with suggestions

  • What to do in case of “bad” work? (Do we still have to pay for it? Strict rules should be established at this level so that the committee can easily decide without repercussions)

This is a non-exhaustive list, you can propose other questions but also bring your answers.

Once a consensus is found, this framework will be voted with a budget renewal.

APWine Bounty Suggestion Framework:

  • Question

Your question proposal

  • Answer

Your answer to the problem if you have one

  • Rationale

The explanation of your answer

  • Possible problem with your answer

Do you see any other problems that can be encountered with your answer?
If yes, specify it and try to answer it.

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  • Question

How much should contributors be paid?

  • Answer

At least 15$ / hour

  • Rationale

Based on a classic remuneration, a pay should be at least 15$ / hour

  • Possible problem with your answer

Yes, if you really want to attract more professional people, you will have to pay a higher rate according to their skills. So, a second question arises.

  • Question

How do we determine the skills and allocate pay based on these criteria ?

  • Answer

Suggest to contributors that want to participate a google form to fill out

With questions like:

Are you a professional in this field? How much do you usually get paid for this kind of work? etc.

  • Rationale

With these informations, the committee will be able to easily determine which contributor to choose and award a pay that meets the expectations of both sides.

  • Possible problem with your answer

No, we just need to determine which questions to ask the contributors in order to be as fair as possible.

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What’s difficult with the bounties is that the bounty committee can only pay in $apw at the moment. But with $apw’s extreme lack of liquidity and price, it’s hard to really interest anyone in doing quality work without paying an enormous amount of $apw.

Especially since at the moment, the current circulating $apw market cap is below $1.3 mil. We are essentially spending money that the bounty committee doesn’t have.

So now we are left with a chicken or egg problem, do we wait for the team to improve ui, release staking rewards, and release on Arbitrum. Or push jobs like community level marketing and engagement and burn resources at the current price?


I understand your point of view, but we can also talk about other things than the pay

We are essentially spending money that the bounty committee doesn’t have.

No, the committee has APWs for the bounties

Where? The multisig has 11.8k in $apw or $1500 in Apw available. There still is shini(dune dashboard) to cover. Knowing how much $apw or value the committee will have makes determination of prices for jobs easier to workout.

I get that there are other aspects than pay, but not knowing how much can be spent impacts what to expect in quality for posted jobs.

Ideas beyond pay could be:

  • A meme campaign for #realyield will catch on strong with defi narrative starting to make a comeback.
  • Bounty to create webpages using the Apw sdk that make organizing and finding yield easier.
  • Bounty to create IBTs for GMX(GLP), GNS, SNX, Uni-v3 positions on arrakis or gamma, etc…