Delegates introductions

This post will be used by the members who wants to be delegates to introduce themselves to the community.

You can use to delegate your proposal power.

If you want to do it on snapshot directly, here are the steps:

Step 1: Find the address or the ENS you want to delegate to (Delegates will publish it in this thread)

Step 2: Go to Snapshot and connect your wallet

Step 3: Enter the address or ENS, click on “Limit delegation to a specific space”, and add “apwine.eth” in Space. (If you don’t select limit the delegation, it will delegate your voting power for all assets with governance power, if the project added the delegation strategy)

Step 4: Confirm the transaction to delegate your voting power (there is a small gas fees to pay)

If your delegation is done before the snapshot of a proposal, your delegate should be able to vote.

Currently, the delegation only work for your proposal power on veAPW and tAPW.
You can’t delegate your voting power on APW/ETH sushi LP for now.
The delegation doesn’t affect the gauge power since it’s on chain, so not related to snapshot.


Hello! My username is Cool Guy and I am in charge of DEFI when it comes to the Arizona State University(ASU) DAO which is associated with the Blockchain at ASU club. My ens address is coolguy.asudao.eth

I don’t have a specific voting ethos, but I am very open to discussion and others’ ideas. I have been a very active member of this discourse and the discord. My goal is to work with others to turn APW into the next great DEFI primitive like Curve, AAVE, MAKER, etc…


Hey everyone !

I am known as Starny, a Belgian lover of DeFi.

I started with what I thought was DeFi (BSC, pancakeswap, etc… don’t laugh at me, I think we all started somewhere haha) before finally understanding real DeFi via protocols like the lending of Aave, Curve and their tokenomics, etc…

My experience is just beginning as I recently had an opportunity open up to me as well as my involvement with Paladin which only makes me grow day by day.

From my experience, from what I read in particular at Paladin, etc… I realize the importance of governance in DeFi, and I can also understand that some people do not have time to be fully interested in it as much as I or the other delegates, This is why I want to take good care of your voting power, because like you, I want APWine to be stronger and go further by taking the right decisions.

I have nothing more to share with you to push you to delegate for me other than to trust my motivation and my involvement in DeFi and particularly projects like Paladin, Paraswap, APWine, Jarvis, etc…

Delegation can be done on my ENS: