APIP 6: Migration of pools to V2

APIP 6: Migration of pools to V2


APWine protocol V1 is currently deployed with a set number of pools across Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

The V1 was a successful launch, creating the building blocks from 0 to 1 and reaching a peak of 25 million dollars in TVL. However, we are no longer focused on acquiring new users as we are getting ready for the launch of V2 beta, which the core team aims to release the Beta version around this month.

The V1 represents a non-negligible maintenance cost for its app (mostly), and unnecessary complexity in terms of integrations (all contracts’ interfaces will be obsolete). There are still 8 pools that were voted through winelisting 4 and that are, to this date, still to be deployed. We believe it would be a better use of resources to focus on releasing the V2 that comes with a modular architecture that doesn’t require custom pools for each different token (as they would be ERC-4626). We would therefore deploy them directly on V2.

It would avoid unnecessary migrations from those pools as well, that could create more friction to the users.


We are proposing to disable the renewal of the future periods at their expiration, as well as holding the deployment of new pools until the V2.


Devwork to terminate pools with expired IBTs.

PS: This will replace previous APIP 6 and 7


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