APIP 3 : Deploy the fees distributor and the smart wallet checker


Deploy the fees distributor to create a native yield for veAPW holders, and the smart wallet checker to allow other DAOs to enter the APWar.


Currently there is no yield on veAPW, however , if APGP 1 is voted, there is a need for a new contract called the fees distributor.

Only EOA can currently lock APW on the veAPW contract. A smart wallet checker needs to be deployed to allow contracts (Multisigs, DAOs etc) to lock APW. This is also needed to tokenize the veAPW.


I) Fees distributor

If the APGP 1 is voted for the distribution, and if this proposal is approved, the fees distributor will be deployed

This is a contract allowing to distribute part of the collected fees to veAPW holders. This might also be useful to create the sdAPW liquid locker.

II) Smart wallet checker:

To have the possibity to whitelist any address to lock APW on the voting escrow contract, a smart wallet checker is needed for DAOs and multisigs too.

As the liquid locker is a tokenization of the veAPW, it’s a contract that needs to be whitelisted to be able to lock the underlying token.

To have everything ready before the next gauge vote, this proposal will exceptionally have 5 days of voting period instead of 8 days.


Dev tasks

Technical implementation:

  • Deploy the fees distributor
  • Deploy the smart wallet checker

Voting options:

Yes, deploy both contracts
No, don’t deploy both contracts

Should we implement this proposal ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abtain

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