APGP 7: Vote for your Toke Pals


This proposal seeks to negotiate terms for APWine DAO to vote for Paladin in the next Tokemak Core event (first week of May) with its 43,478 tTOKE.


Paladin and APWine are not just the Future of France, but also projects that have been supporting each other since inception.

We are very proud to have been elected by the APWine DAO as one of the first Winelisted products during the first round. But community support is not everything, our DAO also voted to share the love and incentivize the palStkAave pool with PAL, our governance token. The incentives will start being distributed this week.

We’re fully aware that other projects will intend to bribe TOKE holders for votes. We will not do so publicly as it would create significant sell pressure on PAL. Instead we would like to prepare OTC deals with a few DAOs, namely APWine. We have 2 options in mind:

  1. Do a direct deal with the treasury of the DAO and pay at the rate of bribes of the last round (0.12$/vote), which would be 18,306 PAL at current price (will vary depending on when vote is live).
  2. Add 2500PAL / week on the LM of the palStkAave pools for next 8 weeks.

Any other suggestion is welcome.

Means / Technical Implementations

Click the vote button with the treasury account holding the tTOKE.

Voting Options

  • For Option 1 - Direct treasury deal
  • For Option 2 - Extra LM deal
  • Against - Do Nothing.
  • Abstain

I support this proposal and believe that option 1 would benefit the most.
We could in the future stake them as hPAL.


Hey @Figue, thanks for this proposal, I fully support voting for Paladin reactor !

Still wondering which choice I prefer but I’m fine with both so I’ll let other people vote first.

Maybe we could add a 3rd option that split half to the DAO and half to the palStkAave pools ?

What deal should we pick ?
  • Direct treasury deal
  • Extra LM deal
  • Split 50/50 between LM and DAO
  • No deal
  • Abstain

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I agree with @Enerow.eth , it will be very good for APWine to mke Direct treasury Deal.
Staking hPAL looks interesting - also for a DAO - and the rewards possibilities will be intersting (bribes with veCRV lending power on Warden for example, Or use it direclty if APWine put in place an APW/Token Pool on Curve V2 etc…).
But extra LM is also fine for mee too.


Hello guys, the direct treasury deal seems like the chosen route.
Just a few math updates, the multiplier for tToke will be 6. For 43478 TOKE, that’s 260,868 votes.
At 0.12$ / votes that’s 31,304$ = 29,813 PAL (I think we should use a 30 day TWAP tbh, let me know what you think is best).

To avoid sunk costs, we would also like to have a right to waive the deal up to 2 hours before the end of the Core round, but with the obligation to find a similar or better deal for the DAO’s vote (ie: you’re getting at least 31,000$ for your vote).


Hey thanks for the feedback !
30 days twap seems a bit long, I calculated a 14 days twap which is 1.12$
Let me know if you think it’s not enough

So based on the current amount above, 31304$ / 1.12$ = 27950 PAL

Based on that the voting options should be :
Direct treasury deal - 27950 PAL to the DAO
Extra LM rewards - 3500 PAL / week over 8 weeks on palStkAAVE pools
Split between treasury and LM: 13950 PAL for the treasury + 1750 PAL / week over 8 weeks
No deal, do nothing


Hello everyone, due to unforseen internal conditions we will have to withdraw this offer. Feel free to contact us with another one.