APGP 11 : Bounties budget handled by a community multisig

Reward some community actions with bounties

I recently set up Dework on APWine discord, which is a platform allowing users to create bounties (tech or non-tech) which are tasks needed for the DAO.

Either the team can create tasks, or the community can make suggestions to create new tasks so don’t hesitate if you have ideas of bounties, share it here.

Once a contributor is assigned to a task, it’s possible to submit what was done, which will have to be approved by a reviewer to receive the rewards.

I created a multisig to handle the bounties budget, and would like to propose to add signers from the community. The next APGP will be about the multisig elections.**

The goal of this proposal is to allocate a small amount of APW to test Dework with the community before voting on a bigger budget if the test is successful, and to add signers from the community to handle the bounties multisig.

On the APGP 10, we voted to allocate 250K/262.5K APW of unclaimed airdrop to rewards veAPW holders.

The idea would be to use the 12.5K APW left on the contract (If the APGP 10 is voted for - current participation rate 52%)

As the tokens are on mainnet, we’ll need to bridge it to Polygon and send it to the multisig.

In order to reach 8 signers for the multisig, the community will be able to apply in the APGP 12. The goal is to have 5 / 8 signers.

12.5K APW from the unclaimed airdrop

Technical implementation:
Bridge 12.5K APW to Polygon and transfer to the new multisig

Voting options:

Should we implement this proposal ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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I really like the Dework idea, outsourcing certain community tools and functions are a very important way of expanding the APW ecosystem without having to add more to the Dev teams plate.

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