About the Governance Proposals (SGP) category

Spectra Governance Proposal (SGP):
SGPs are about common governance proposals, especially the ones related to the treasury of the protocole and the DAO organization. I’ll publish a template on the forum in the coming days.

This type of proposal should include, in addition to all the points mentioned in the first part:

Context: (After summary)
Comprehensive overview of the proposal,treasury breakdown if needed.

The SGPs would concern but wouldn’t be limited to:

  • Treasury allocation strategy & budgets
  • Liquidity mining votes & winelistings
  • Protocol fees activation
  • Grant program if any
  • Contributors/Dao committees rewards
  • Long term partnerships (i.e DAO Swaps)

SGPs concern the protocol treasury directly, which is why it might be best to define more conservative parameters than APIR ones:

  • Admin: Team multisig
  • Quorum: 3.5% of the total vote supply (1.75M votes at the time of writing)
  • Voting duration: 6 days