uniETH Gauge Listing Request

Gauge Request Presentation:

  • Targeted Pair: uniETH-LP
  • IBT contract address: 0x248f43B622cE2F35A14dB3FC528284730b619cD5
  • LP contract address: 0xbfc3d05453dddb38289ea44386a9a4f8226ef2ca
  • Current TVL on in the Pair’s liquidity: $1k
  • Twitter: x.com
  • Discord: Bedrock DeFi
  • Chain: Ethereum

Simple summary:

Bedrock is a multiple asset liquid restaking protocol, backed by a non-custodial solution designed in partnership with RockX, a longstanding blockchain infrastructure company with strong roots in crypto staking.

Bedrock support multiple assets to do both restaking / staking including:

  • uniETH: Designed to natively restake and harness additional EigenLayer rewards, Bedrock brings together institutional-grade security and additional yield to liquid staking ETH.
  • uniBTC: A brand new restaking protocol that accept wrapped BTC tokens in partnership with the BTC staking protocol Babylon chain, the first supported wrapped BTC is wBTC token on Ethereum blockchain, so all the wBTC token holders will enjoy both yield on staking BTC tokens plus the security of Ethereum network.
  • uniIOTX: The liquid staking solution on IoTeX blockchain removes several drawbacks that exist with Delegated Proof of Stake on IOTX.

This proposal aims to add a Gauge for the uniETH LP Spectra Pair.

We’d like to add this pool to Spectra’s gauge system to incentivise liquidity of our PT, as it would facilitate the creation of a liquid market between those who want to long the uniETH yield and those who want to lock in their yield.

Benefit of this integration for Bedrock protocol

  • Additional yield opportunities for the community
  • Increase the TVL of the liquidity pool
  • Increase the visibility of the project

Benefit of this integration for Spectra

  • Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
  • Diversify the yield possibilities
  • Increase Spectra’s visibility


  • Bedrock TVL: $215m
  • uniETH TVL: $170m
  • Twitter followers: 12k
  • Discord server: 19k
  • Telegram: 2.6k

Community poll:

  • Yes, add uniETH pool to Spectra’s gauge system
  • No, do not add uniETH to Spectra’s gauge system