APIR 4: Whitelist Stake DAO to lock APW

Project presentation: Stake DAO
TVL of the protocol: 730M$
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StakeDAOHQ
Discord: Discord

Whitelist Stake DAO to allow the protocol to lock APW tokens.

APGP#3: APGP 3: Token Swap: APWine x Stake DAO

SDIP#13: SDIP#13: Token Swap: Stake DAO x APWine - Approved SDIPs - Stake DAO

A few days ago, a token swap with Stake DAO was voted for by both governances

The SDIP#13 was also about :

  • Deposit part of the stable treasury on sdFRAX3CRV and sdam3CRV pools.
  • Creating a liquid locker sdAPW and an associated strategy APW/sdAPW.

The liquid locker will allow users to lock APW and receive sdAPW, which can either be staked in the reward contract, or used to add liquidity in the strategy.

sdAPW holders will be able to earn a native yield, vote on proposals & gauges, and boost positions or sell the voting and boosting power, while keeping a liquid position.

According to the last discord announcement; the smart wallet checker will be deployed in the coming days. Once done, DAOs can submit a proposal to get whitelisted, which will allow to tokenize the veAPW.

If the APIP 3 is voted for, the goal of this proposal is to whitelist Stake DAO to create the sdAPW liquid locker and the associated strategy.

Whitelist Stake DAO protocol to lock veAPW

Voting options:

Should we implement this proposal ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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