APIR 21: Add eagEUR from Angle x Euler to the 4th winelisting

Project(s) presentation:

Angle is a decentralized stablecoin protocol composed of smart contracts mostly deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.It can be used to issue stablecoins, called agTokens, that are pegged to a specific value. This means that these tokens are designed to mirror the value of the asset they are pegged to. For example, the agEUR is the EUR pegged stablecoin issued through Angle Protocol.

Euler is a non-custodial permissionless lending protocol on Ethereum that helps users to earn interest on their crypto assets or hedge against volatile markets without the need for a trusted third party.

This proposal aims to integrate the Euler and Angle protocols by adding the IBT eagEUR to the 4th winelisting event.

As supplying liquidity would require a governance proposal on Angle governance, it might not be possible before the beginning of the next round, however the DAO holds some eagEUR and a proposal will be posted in the coming days. Also, there are already ongoing discussions in the communities to start building positions in APW.

Additionally, Angle & Euler will ask their community to upvote the vaults as IBTs to make them eligible for APW rewards.

Benefits of this integration for Angle protocol & DAO:
Additional yield opportunities for the community or the protocol treasury
Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing
Possibility to enjoy yield in advance on EUR

Benefit of this integration for Euler protocol:
Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing
Increase the TVL of the IBT
Give Euler user the possibility to sell their yield in advance

Benefit of this integration for APWine Protocol & DAO:
Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
Diversify the yield possibilities for APWine community
Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing
Better market efficiency if the project supply some initial liquidity

Community size on discord: Euler: 8.6k members - Angle: 28.8k members
Twitter: Euler: 20.4k followers - Angle : 26.6k followers

No additional resources announced for now

Voting options:
Add eagEUR to the 4th winelisting vote
Don’t add eagEUR to the 4th winelisting vote

Should we add eagEUR to the 4th winelisting vote ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Obviously biased on this one as an Angle Core Team member, but this is a MUST have integration.
eagEUR is one of the most robust single-sided source of yield on € in DeFi and I definitely see APWine as one of the top places for trading interest rates on this pool!