APIR 18 - Add aCRV to the 4th winelisting

Project presentation
• Protocol: Concentrator
• IBT requested: aCRV
• IBT contract address : etherscan
• Current TVL on the requested IBT: $4M
• Current TVL of the protocol: $70M
• Twitter/Discord links: Twitter/ Discord
• Audits links: PeckShield / SecBit
• Supported chains : Ethereum


Concentrator is a yield enhancer by AladdinDAO built for DeFi users who wish to farm CRV/CVX at the highest APY possible.
aCRV represents a share of the underlying compounding cvxCRV in the Concentrator vault
Yields auto-compound at this higher rate, denominated in CRV, and gains can be realized/claimed in CRV, CVX, or ETH

This proposal aims to integrate Concentrator’s aCRV to APWine on Ethereum Mainnet, enabling users to tokenize yield on CRV.


Adding aCRV to the incoming winelistings could attract Concentrator users and CRV holders to APWine, offering a new lego on CRV yield
Concentrator is a young protocol, witch provides high APYs, this could add a degen flavor to APWine !

Benefit of this integration for Concentrator
• Growing the TVL on Concentrator vault
• New use case for aCRV
• Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing

Benefit of this integration for APWine DAO
• Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
• Implement top-tier Blue-Chip on the platform
• New CRV yield possibilities

Concentrator Metrics:
• Market cap (aladdin DAO): $9M
• TVL: $70M
• Twitter Community: 2k (10k Aladdin DAO)
• Discord Community: 8k

  • Should we add aCRV to the next winelisting ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Hey @Noximus thank for this proposal ! :fire:

Could you fill the winelisting form or ask the team to fill it please ? Winelisting application