APIR 16 : Integrate MooJarvis2sgd

Project presentation:

Protocol: Beefy Finance
IBT requested (Name and ticker of the asset): jSGD-XSGD vault Moo Jarvis 2sgd
IBT contract address : Moo Jarvis 2sgd (mooJarvis2sgd) Token Tracker | PolygonScan
Current TVL on the requested IBT: $1.05M
Current TVL of the protocol: $903.30M
Twitter/Discord links: http://discord.gg/beefyfinance / https://twitter.com/beefyfinance
Audit(s) link(s) : Beefy Finance - CertiK Security Leaderboard
Supported chain(s) : Polygon
Simple summary:
This proposal aims to integrate the Moo Jarvis 2sgd vault on Beefy Finance’s protocol to the 4TH winelisting event.
I think this proposal would be interesting for our community.

I think APWine could explore new ways by implementing stable and liquid synthetic non-USD currencies.
Focusing on an asian currency, more precisely the Singaporian dollar, could raise awareness from people outside of Europe and maybe bring more audience to the project.
The results that would come from this integration would be a raise in the volume on APWine’s plateform, and earnings regarding this stablecoin’s investors.

Benefit of this integration for Beefy Finance protocol:

Additional yield opportunities for the community or the protocol treasury
Increase the TVL of the IBT pool

Benefit of this integration for Apwine DAO:

Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
Diversify the yield possibilities for APWine community
Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing

Discord : 15424 Members
Twitter : 268.1K Followers
Beefy Finance $903.30M TVL
Telegram : 22 825 members

Community poll:

Add jSGD-XSGD IBT to the winelisting vote
Don’t add jSGD-XSGD IBT to the winelisting vote

regards, Markwiensfan19

Should we add mooJarvis2SGD to the 4th winelisting vote ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Hey @markwiensfan19 , thanks for this proposal ! :fire:

This IBT will be added in the next winelisting vote if the poll results are positive.

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