APIR 15 - Add mooSushiJRT-ETH to the 4th winelisting

Project presentation:

Simple summary:

Jarvis network is a set of protocols on Ethereum for universalizing and uberizing finance and more particularly — financial products and markets. It is owned by a DAO.

Jarvis “Blockchainizes” traditional financial markets to make them open, transparent, interoperable and programmable, and eventually disintermediate them.

These protocols allow users to gain exposure to the prices of any financial instrument via margin trading and/or synthetic assets (for convenience, we will say that users trade, invest, open positions in these instruments) and/or provide the liquidity required for these protocols to run smoothly.

Margin Protocol

A trust-minimized off-chain trading protocol

This protocol allows users to open leveraged positions on different markets such as Forex, indices, stocks or cryptocurrencies, collateralized by Dai.

**They trade against liquidity pools supplied by liquidity providers **(LP) who set their rules (spread, commissions, leverage, supported markets, price source, etc.), effectively uberizing brokerage. LPs can run “No Dealing Desk” or “Dealing Desk” node to hedge their exposure or run a sophisticated market making strategy with their brokers, exchanges or other institutional partners.

Benefit of this integration for Beefy and Jarvis DAOs

  • Additional yield opportunities for the community or the protocol treasury
  • Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing
  • Increase the TVL of the IBT pool

Benefit of this integration for Apwine DAO

  • Increase the TVL of the protocol
  • Increase the visibility of the project

I’m maybe missing something but this is not an IBT ?

If you could find the jrt token locked in a beefy vault or something then post that ibt instead.

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Yes JRT is not an IBT, but i think there is a JRT/ETH vault on Beefy polygon so you could propose this one.

Also winelisting additions are in APIR section, i’ll update this for you

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Should we add mooSushiJRTETH to the next winelisting ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Hey @stevens , thanks for this proposal ! :fire:

This IBT will be added in the next winelisting vote if the poll results are positive.


you’re welcome !

But can you accept my quest CREW³ | The #1 operative system for web3 communities , because i receive notification : Quest failed: [GOV] iBT Integration Request

thanks .

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