APIR 1: Beefy finance - mooTokens integration (2nd winelisting)

Key words:
Composability, New vaults, New yield opportunities

Project presentation:

Protocol: Beefy.finance

IBT(s) requested: Name(s) and ticker(s) of the asset(s):

  • 4EUR Curve vault: mooJarvis4EUR
  • jEUR-USDC vault: mooKyberUSDC-jEUR
  • jCHF-USDC vault: mooKyberUSDC-jCHF
  • jGBP-USDC vault: mooKyberUSDC-jGBP
  • jPYC-jPYC vault: mooJarvis2JPY
  • RenBTC Cuve vault: mooCurveRen
  • 3pool Curve vault: mooAm3CRV
  • MAI-USDT Quickswap vault: mooMaiUSDC-miMatic
  • EURt Curve vault: mooCurveEURt

IBT contract address:

Current TVL on the requested IBT:

  • moo4EUR: 2.68M
  • moojEUR-USDC: 1.76M
  • moojCHF-USDC: 775K
  • moojGBP-USDC: 425K
  • moojJPY-PYC: 750K
  • mooRenBTC: 4.6M
  • mooam3CRV: 9.53M
  • mooMAI-USDT: 575K
  • mooEURT: 14.76M

Current TVL of the protocol: 1.3B

This proposal aims to integrate several vaults from Beefy.finance to the 2nd winelisting event. Beefy is a yield optimizer that has been live since September 2020 and our core product is auto compounding vaults. Beefy is live on 11 chains and still expending to new ones.

We’d like to join the winelisting event to create additional yield possibilities for both communities by proposing 8 new vaults in the vote, including:

5 Jarvis vaults: 4EUR, JEUR-USDC, jCHF-USDC, jGBP-USDC, jJPY-jPYC
2 Curve vaults: Am3CRV and RenBTC
1 Quickswap vault: MAI-USDT

As supplying liquidity or providing additional rewards would require a governance proposal on our side, we can’t propose to do it for this round, however the possibility will be explored for the next rounds, as well as the other options. Beefy is asking the cowmoonity to upvote our vaults as IBTs to make them eligible for APW rewards on this round.

Benefit of this integration for Beefy:

  • Additional yield opportunities
  • Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing
  • Increase the TVL of the IBTs pools

Benefit of this integration for Apwine DAO:

  • Increase the tokenized TVL and the AMM TVL
  • Diversify the yield possibilities for APWine community
  • Increase the visibility of the project with cross marketing


  • Beefy TVL: 1.3B$
  • Twitter community : 213K followers
  • Discord community: 11.8K members
  • Telegra community: 21.25K members


No additional resources for this round.

Voting options:
*Add Beefy IBTs to the winelisting vote
*Don’t add Beefy IBTs to the winelisting vote

Add Beefy IBTs to the winelisting vote ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Totally agree with this proposal!
But just for the 4EUR vault on beefy, is it really necessary? Because there is already a 4EUR vault of harvest finance winelisted


There is 2.68M TVLon the 4EUR on Beefy, and 1.68M TVL on harvest, so it make sense to have both imo


Okay I see, so yep why not :wink:


Thanks Dydymoon

Totally agree with this proposal!